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Here at The Wholesome Dollar, we have a big vision of changing the lives of people all over the world... but we need your help!

Our team is small, but our dream is big! Make an impact on people all over the world.

You see I get so frustrated when I see people with so much potential, but they don't know what to do with themselves. On one hand I see all these amazing opportunities, and on the other I see these wonderful, amazing people with talents and passion, but they don't realise what could be waiting for them just around the corner.

Join us on our mission to make an impact on the world

Themes you may like to explore...

The Wholesome Dollar Manifesto

  • Reconnecting with the world and community around us through the sharing economy.
  • Empowering people 
  • Finding a new sense of belonging and community
  • Helping the environment by reducing our consumption, and utalising the sharing economy to share our resources
  • Unlocking the creativity within all of us, and help us to see the opportunities everywhere in the world around us
  • Building confidence by finding our 'thing' or our sense of purpose.
  • Aspiring our readers to find more happiness, freedom & fulfilment in our lives

Ingredients & Recipes

The Wholesome Dollar is all about experimenting with ingredients (opportunities, platforms, websites & apps), getting creative and finding new ways to utalise these to create recipes (or combinations of ingredients) that create purpose, fun, happiness and help us follow our dreams.

Ingredients fall into 5 main categories:

  • Create with opportunities like Etsy, Scripted, Spoonflower, Society6 etc.
  • Teach with opportunities like Udemy, TeachersPayTeachers, YouTutor
  • Sell with opportunities like eBay, Gumtree, Carousel, Chegg, Reverb, Shopify
  • Do with opportunities like AirTasker, TaskRabbit, Uber, Lyft, Sherpa
  • Rent with opportunities like CarNextDoor, ParkingHound, OpenShed

You may choose to write tips and tricks on making any of these platforms work for you, how to market your Society6 or Etsy shop,

You may like to write about great ways to combine these ingredients together. For example, designing fabric on Spoonflower, then using ILikeThatLamp to DIY your own lamp, then sell it on Etsy and set up an online shop on Shopify.

Founders & Startups

If your company is one of the ingredients listed in The Wholesome Dollar Ingredient Database, this is your opportunity to win over our readers and help them get started with your platform.

Suggested articles include:

  • How to work out if this platform is for you?
  • How to maximise earnings?
  • Success stories (we call them recipes here)

Not listed yet? Get listed now

Life Coaching

A big part of The Wholesome Dollar is helping people who feel stuck, get unstuck. If you're a life coach and have some great content that will help our readers get unstuck. This could be a great area for you to write about.

  • Getting unstuck
  • Reconnecting with yourself, your community and the world around you
  • Being present
  • Gratitude
  • Finding a sense of belonging
  • Empowerment

business basics for micropreneurs

As The Wholesome Dollar essentially creates micropreneurs from the everyday person, many of our readers don't have the basic business knowledge they may need to become successful at being an micropreneur.

If you have experience in business and believe you have something valuable to offer that will help budding micropreneurs, This could be a great topic to write about.

  • Testing your market before creating products etc.
  • Marketing
  • Supply and Demand
  • Taxation / Accounting
  • Legal insights to be aware of

Financial Coaching

One of my motivations for starting The Wholesome Dollar, was to change the way people view money. I learnt a hard lesson in my mid-20s about the danger of credit cards, and now I want to help others learn from my mistake.

The Wholesome Dollar will be successful if I can teach people to create money to buy the things they want and need, rather than add it to their credit card or taking it out of their savings.

If you're in the financial space and have content that will help The Wholesome Dollar manage their money and build better spending habits, we welcome your content!

  • Financial tips
  • Managing money
  • Avoiding Credit Cards
  • Budgeting

Guest Post Guidelines

The Wholesome Dollar has strong values around helping our audience and delivery high quality content. We'd love for you to write for us, however we do ask that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Well written, interesting content that is inline and of interest to our audience.
  2. Your writing style needs to be inline with The Wholesome Dollar brand.
  3. Content must be unique, and in no way a duplicate.
  4. Short Bio including one link back to your website or preferred social profile.
  5. Ensure to spell and grammar check your post before submitting. Content with poor grammar and spelling will not be approved.
  6. Please ensure you provide proper attribution of quotations, data and other 3rd party related content.
  7. Prove your article as either edited HTML or a word document with all required images included.
  8. Please include a minimum of 1 image that you own the rights to, or ensure to properly attribute according to its licensing agreement. 

The Fine Print

By submitting an content to The Wholesome Dollar you are agreeing to the terms below.

  1. You may link to the article, however the content cannot be used else where on the internet. 
  2. We reserve the right to reuse this content as we see fit without the need for any further consent. Examples are, but not restricted to promotion, PR and marketing including if a journalist wants to cover or republish the piece.
  3. The Wholesome Dollar team reserves the right to modify and adapt the content as we see fit, and edit in the future to ensure its accurateness and comprehensiveness. 
  4. The Wholesome Dollar reserves the right to include call to actions, including but not limited to social media, ebooks, email newsletters and downloadable content.

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