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'Kickstart Your Recipe' Recommendation Package

  • $180.00

With so many opportunities out there, it is hard to know where to start.

This is why we created the Kickstart Package.

Discover a whole new world of opportunities to some extra cash to support your dream?

What’s Included:

  • Questionnaire and Personal Assessment, Personalised Recommendation Report with the 10 top opportunities to explore based on your skills, passions, assets and interests. ( Valued at $247 )
  • 30 minute phone review (Valued at $90)
  • 30 minute follow up session (Valued at $90)

How it will work?


We'll send you a questionnaire to start thinking about. We'll discuss your answers during our first session.

Session 1 - 30 Minutes Phone Call

To get started, we will chat with you about your life dreams, ideal lifestyle and financial goals.

This will also cover what things you have that are being under-utilised, what skills, passions, knowledge and how much time you have available.

Post Session 1

Over the following week, Claire and Bec (founders of The Wholesome Dollar) will review your answers, and reflect on your goals, dreams and what you have available.

We will then piece together a personalised recommendation of opportunities for you to explore.

Session 2 - 30 Minutes Phone Call

We will then have a follow up 30-minute consultation with you, where we will walk you through our Recommendation Report and Next Steps Guide.

We'll talk you through them one by one, and tell you how to get started with each. This is also a great opportunity for asking any questions you have.

If you've opted for an Action Plan, we'll also take you through this in this session during an additional 30 minutes.

How much time will it take?

2 x 30 minutes + a little extra time before our initial consultation for you to review our questions and prepare your thoughts :-)

Optional Extras

If you'd like further guidance, we can help you by providing ongoing coaching and support as you explore the opportunities.

30 Minute Coaching Session

Price: $60.00 

'Kickstart Your Recipe' Recommendation Package