Create music, sound effects and other audio files and get paid!

AudioJungle is a marketplace where you can sell your audio files to people all over the world.

Create it once, sell it many times!

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If you're into music or just making noise, AudioJungle is a marketplace you should explore.

AudioJungle allows you to music, sound effects and other audio files for the purpose of being used in anything from advertising, movies, YouTube videos to podcasts.

All audio sold is via a royalty free license which means that anyone can buy a piece of royalty free music for the purpose of a single project and pay just a simple one off fee.

As the author, this means that you the more times you sell the track the more money you'll make!


To get started you need to sign up as an author.

From there you create your profile, and upload your first track.

Some great tips for beginners

If you're curious about selling on AudioJungle, here are some tips to help you get started...

  1. Take a look at the market and see what is currently selling well and trending.
    View the top sellers from this month here >
  2. Stand out and be original! Think of something fresh and unique that will get attention.Make high quality audio. Sounds obvious, but so important!
  3. Upload tracks regularly. Consistency and patience is key with AudioJungle.
  4. Read these tips and more in a great conversation with AudioJungle authors over here >

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You set the price on your item then depending on your Author License will depend on how much of this you will earn.

AudioJungle Pay

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The AudioJungle Inspiration Wall

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The AudioJungle Learning Guide

Keen to make the most of this opportunity? Here are some recommended resources to help you get started!

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Create music, sound effects and other audio files and get paid!

AudioJungle is a marketplace where you can sell your audio files to people all over the world.

Create it once, sell it many times!

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