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Your creativity can make a difference!

Your creativity can make a difference!

When floods in Texas, left at least 23 people dead, destroying at least 200 homes and causing an estimated $30 million in damage, Lauren an avid blogger (
and mother of two felt compelled to do what she could to help those in need.

Determined, and with two young children, she knew she'd have to get creative to make a difference without leaving her home.

Lauren turned to TeeSpring, where she thought she could utalise her social media following to fundraise by selling tshirts designed especially for the cause.

How inspiring! This story just goes to show how a little creativity and understanding what assets you have available, can really drive amazing results! Well done Lauren!
Bec xx


The Design?

Inspired by her two daughters (one and three), the designs represent her pride in her Texan roots, while honouring her late mother, Dixie.

The Marketing?
As Lauren was a natural at social media, she shared her TeeSpring campaign via social media groups, her blog's Facebook Page, Instagram and Pinterest.

The Results?
Within a couple of days of launching her campaign, she'd hit well beyond her goal of 50 tshirts sold, and so far has raised $120,000 (and counting!). An amazing effort!

Lauren Flake TeeSpring Campaign


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